Afro Chique Meets Rebel

Afro-Chique meets Rebel

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Wanna go out clubbing, like a African does, in cities like Paris, London, Brussels, Kinshasa, Abidjan, or Cape Town? Do you want to go out in African ambiances, dancing the night away on music like Soukous, Kuduro, Ndombolo, Zouk, Coupé Decalé, Malewa Makouso and Azonto? Do you want to go out at a club where the audience’s dressing style is Afro-Chique? Do you want to go out in a club where you can booze non-stop and you have the feeling that all the trouble in the world don’t mean a thing?


Afro-Chique meets Rebel is the party where you must show YOUR face! Embrace what today’s Africa has to offer to an international public. Be There and Be Amazed!

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