Levysill is a Kenyan Dancehall-Reggae artist who was born
and raised in Nairobi. LevysillHe took a keen interest in music from an early age. On completing his high school studies where he had started writing and performing in school events, he started performing at various talent shows in and around Nairobi and also familiarize himself with the keyboard sequencer workstations that were the in thing at the time. He steadily continued to hone his skills in writing, performing and production. Within a short while, he started to see results of his dedication to his passion. Not only did he impress many with his distinct flare, stage presence and unique style he also won many competitions and awards in events such as the Consolata Festival and Kivuli Centre talent show just to name a few. Even in his early stages one could easily detect influences from international Reggae stars.

Despite the obvious hardships faced by virtually every aspiring artist, Levysill remained dedicated and persistent and by 2002 he released his now classic debut single ‘Tukae Masaa’ (sheng for let’s move forward.) which received widespread support from local media and created awareness of an upcoming Dancehall Artist. His efforts were duly noted by an upcoming label, Arkangel (owned by producer and engineer Riz Eye) who got him in their studio writing and producing for himself and other artists. Arkangel have been associated with International Heavyweights such as Culture, Kenyatta Hill (The late Joseph Hill’s son), Luciano and Mikey General. Levysill’s first major concert appearance was at the AIDS awareness concert in November 2002 at the Impala Grounds where Culture were the headline act. To this very day his stage performance at the concert remains in the minds of many.

LevysillIn 2003 he moved to the United Kingdom and within a short while he tactfully weaved himself into the London entertainment scene heavily consisting of the Caribbean community, particularly Jamaicans. This being to his advantage he was able to interact with the right people and by July that year he made his Debut London performance to a non Kenyan audience. Encouraged by the response he got, the only way for him was forward and he continued performing throughout London, Birmingham, Luton and Milton Keynes. He has performed at various events including Jamhuri Day (Kenyan Independence Day) celebrations in London and has been onstage with the likes of Hip Hop legend Coolio and Reggae superstar Lloyd Brown. He has also toured Germany and Switzerland where he performed in cities such as Hamburg (where he performed with General Levy,) Geneva, Lausanne and Nyon. While in Germany he caught the eye of the internationally acclaimed RIDDIM Dancehall magazine that featured his international debut single ‘Hear And Deaf’ in their CD compilation.

As well as releasing a successful EP in London, he also featured in a number of projects including London Individual’s Million and Billion Riddim album compilations. In 2006 he got into radio presenting on a local radio station, CONSCIOUS FM 106.9 which he did until he left for Kenya. This only contributed further to his progress and gained him recognition in the London circuit which is difficult to infiltrate.

In his time in the United Kingdom, Levysill received strong support from various key personnel in the UK radio, television and entertainment industry including BBC 1Xtra’s Robbo Ranx, DJ Edu and Silver Star(now on Homeboyz Radio).

Since his return to Kenya in 2008 Levysill has been working on new projects and has Levysillreceived widespread and positive response from media houses and fans alike. He has appeared on various TV and radio stations including KTN, Citizen, K24, Metro FM, Kameme FM, Kiss FM just to name a few. He also performed at various events such as the peace concert headlined by Turbulance, the Black Supremacy anniversary at F2 and Sawasawa festival in the Nairobi Arboretum. He has also been in the studio with other labels and producers such as Beatmekah (formerly based in the UK), Arkangel and African Aftermath producing and recording upcoming artists such as Fire Son, Rizla and Rydah. More recently, together with upcoming sensational singer Seamus at the Arkangel studios, Levysill was blessed with the lifetime opportunity to record a song with international Reggae stars Luciano and Mikey General. In 2010, he completed an album ‘I-UNIFICATION’ with fellow Kenyan Dancehall artist Fireson.

In August 2011, Levysill was signed to Kenyan label Cypher Studios and on 18 September released his new single ‘Weka Lighta’ produced by the Beatmekah of Cypher Studios. Recently Levysill collaborated on a track ‘Full Attention’ with respected Ugandan dancehall artist, Peter Miles. The song and video are scheduled for release in April 2012.

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